Tuesday, August 23, 2011


HydroWave™, patent pending, is an electronic feeding stimulator based on reactive senses of bass and other predatory fish. HydroWave incorporates both Lateral Reactive Technology (LRT) and Vibration Reactive Technology (VRT) to elicit predatory feeding responses.

In other words "The HydroWave Ignites a Feeding Frenzy"

Contact me lakeforkinfo@gmail.com for more info on how you can purchase your own HydroWave unit and start your own "FEEDING FRENZY!"

As always, good fishing,
Lance Vick
Professional Bass Angler


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As always,  Good Fishing,
Lance Vick
Professional Bass Angler

Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Lance Vick
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Lone Star Big Bass

This Bass Fishing Article is sponsored by: GrandeBass Trophy Hunter Baits; Order yours at http://www.grandebass.com

During the spawn season “Texas Rigging” is a big-bass technique.

A “Texas Rig” is simply rigging a bullet weight with a hook and tipping with a soft plastic lure. This technique is for heavy duty bass fishing. Buffalo are not hunted with a BB gun…Use heavy line and at least a medium-heavy to heavy action rod and line size should be 15 pounds or better. Weight size should be a 3/16 ounce.

Now for the soft plastic:

During the spawn the largemouth has a few threats to the nest site so spotting these threats really gets their attention. Salamanders and crawfish are both mortal enemies of the bass (and also good for them to eat) so select soft plastics to match these.

The selection of soft plastic lizards and craws is abundant. My personal favorites include: Grande Bass mutant and machine. These new baits have new and improved action that bass haven’t seen yet.

Fish your “Texas rig” around cover on spawning areas slowly. Cover stumps, lay-downs, boat docks and vegetation.

“Hawg On!”

…”Texas rigging” soft plastic produces Texas-sized bass!

Benefits of POLARIZED Sunglasses!

Professional Bass Angler, Lance Vick, is sponsored by OAKLEY Sunglasses...Go to www.lancevick.com/lancevicksponsors.html to read more about Lance's sponsors.

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Light reflected from surfaces like a flat road or smooth water is generally horizontally polarized. This horizontally polarized light is blocked by the vertically oriented “polarizers” in the lenses of polarized sunglasses.
The result: A reduction in annoying and sometimes dangerous glare.
For years, fishermen have used polarized sunglasses to reduce reflected glare from the water. Without the glare, it is possible not only to see objects above the water more clearly, but also to see objects below the water relatively clearly as well.

One of the primary fishing tools you cannot be without…A pair of quality polarized sunglasses. By eliminating the glare on the water it is possible to see nesting fish, nesting areas, and anything else you might be looking for in shallow water.
Polarized sunglasses are available in varying lens colors. “Smoke” is good, but “amber” and “yellow” lenses really seem to be more helpful when picking the fish out of cover and shadows.
As with most things, not all polarized sunglasses are created equal. Oakley Sunglasses offers the most advanced technology in polarized optics available on the market today. They offer various styles and colors for practically every sport or activity for which one might need polarized sunglasses.
In addition to fishing, polarized sunglasses are extremely beneficial for driving as well. Visit http://www.oakley.com/ to see their entire collection of sunglasses, sports apparel and accessories for men and women.

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Change Colors!

Change Colors

When do I change colors and how will I know to which color I should change?

The answer to those questions are very important because they can mean the difference between an okay day and putting together a great day of bass fishing.

First, “matching the hatch” as fly fishermen say, is simply finding out what the fish are feeding on that day and then throwing it.
One way to find the right color is to watch the water for signs such as wounded bream or a dead shad on the surface of the water . Seeing baitfish like this is a dead giveaway to what color and size of lure to choose . The best way is when a fish spits a baitfish out when you are fighting him in or fish spits something up in your livewell!

Changing to what the fish are actually feeding on will increase your catch right away.

Walking along the shore and picking up rocks or turning over logs to find what color the crawfish are will tell you what color jig or crankbait to use before you even get in the boat.

Watch the shallow waters to see what type of small baitfish are moving around.

One of the standby ways to choose your lure colors without seeing the signs of nature: If it is cloudy or overcast--choose dark colors; If it is bright or partly cloudy--chose shiny and bright color lures.

Finally, what every angler likes to do is to fish his own personal “confidence” color!
When you use your favorite color your lure presentation seems to be much better.

Whatever you do, change up your colors to put more and bigger fish in your boat.

As always… Good Fishing,

Lance Vick
Professional Angler

Summer Time "WORMING" for BIG BASS!

Professional Angler, Lance Vick, has teamed up with SERVICE VENDING CO. and ACCESS FORD to bring you the following bass fishing tips and techniques:

Summer time “worming” for Big Bass:

Summer time is one of my favorite seasons of the year for one reason:
Summer-time Bass love “Texas rigged” worms!

When big bass arrive at their summertime hangouts such as: Drop-offs and points,
The Texas rig worm is one of the most efficient techniques for catching them…Day or Night.

When fishing a Texas rig worm there are a few tips to help catch more and bigger fish:

First, bass feed on worms by sight so Line Choice is very important. I base my line choice on the type of cover I am fishing around.
Gamma 14lb Edge Fluorocarbon is my first choice for most situations.
Heavier cover I go to 17lb Gamma
Less cover and water that is clear I switch to 12lb Gamma

Some of the benefits of using Fluorocarbon Line include:
Decreased visibility…Fish can’t see fluorocarbon as compared to monofilament
You, the fisherman, can feel the bites better
Fluorocarbon line is heavier than monofilament so the lure sinks faster. Thus, giving your worm better, more realistic action.

Second, Rod Choice is important to get the right hook set so you can power big bass up from the bottom.
A 7 foot med heavy or heavy action rod is the right choice for the job.
As for the business end of the rod… 3/16 and ¼ weights are standard--Adjust weight size according to: Depth, wind speed, and size of worm.

Third, Hook Choice is not to be overlooked:
Extra wide gap hooks are my choice for hooks sizes from 2/0 to 4/0
Choose the heavy wire for better holding power of big fish.

Finally, Color Choices for your worm:
Since there are as many choices of worm colors as there are stars in the sky…I prefer to stick with the basics…Blue fleck, Plum, and Tequila sunrise. Black and blue or Black are my top choices for night fishing.

Worm fishing is good all summer so pick up a worm-rod and have some summer-time fun!

Good Fishing,
Lance Vick